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Cointracking - Manage and tax your cryptocurrencies

(Last Update: 08.05.2020)

Cryptocurrencies are bought quickly - but do you have an overview of all your coins? And how do you have to tax these?

Cointracking keeps track of all your coins. You can easily and quickly document your cryptocurrency trades and transfers by automatically or manually entering your trades on score tracking. The system will not only show you your account balance quickly and clearly, but you will also do this for all wallets and exchanges where you hold cryptocurrencies.

And best of all, with just a few clicks, you'll create a tax report for your tax return.

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The price structure is simple and clear - there is a free account for up to 200 entries. In addition, there are paid packages for professional traders.

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The prices for the different packages can be found here:

Cointracking pricing


The Dasboard gives you a detailed overview of your crypto currency portfolio.

In addition to the total value of your portfolio, the individual coins and trades are also broken down separately and also show the current value of the respective coins. In addition to a variety of statistics, there is a timeline at the bottom, which lists all trades chronologically with texts.

Cointracking Dashboard

Enter Coins & Trades

To fill the dashboard with information, it is necessary to import your trades. This can be done automatically by means of CSV file, Excel file or own import provided by the used cryptocurrency platform.

By clicking on the respective logo of the mentioned crypto currency platforms an exact step-by-step instruction is given.

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Enter Coins & TRades manually

Alternatively you can enter your trades manually. To do this, click on the button New, whereupon an input mask opens, which queries all important information about the trade.

Enter coins manually

Tax report

With the menu item TAX REPORT it is possible to issue a tax report for your cryptocurrency portfolio for a certain calendar year. The the free version of this report is limited to 100 trades, for trades beyond this a paid version of Cointracking is necessary.

Tax report

By clicking on the red button "OPEN SETTINGS AND CREATE A NEW TAX REPORT" the desired settings for the output of the tax report are requested.

Tax Report settings

Mit Klick auf den roten Button "NEUEN STEUER REPORT GENERIEREN!" wird ein den Einstellungen entsprechender Steuerreport generiert, der für die Verwendung in der Steuererklärung oder zur Weitergabe an den Steuerberater verwendet werden kann.

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