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BITPANDA Review, Sign-up, Fees, Security & Rating [2023]

Bitpanda Experience & Test
Mag. Tibor Gludovatz
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What is Bitpanda?

Bitpanda is an Austrian crypto exchange that is highly trusted and as a result has become one of the most popular services in Europe for buying cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple & Litecoin, as well as stocks and precious metals.

Bitpanda is a digital asset service provider registered with the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA). Furthermore, Bitpanda holds a PSD2 license and a full license for custody and proprietary trading of crypto assets from the German regulator Bafin.

The popularity of BITPANDA results from the fact that the purchase process is very simple and clearly arranged. In addition, there are several proven and well-known payment options, ranging from a SEPA transfer via bank account to payment by credit card (Visa, Mastercard) aa well as many other options.

Bitpanda Experience & Review (2023)

Bitpanda Experiences - In our Bitpanda Test (2023) you will learn everything important about the Austrian investment platform for cryptocurrencies, stocks & precious metals.

Bitpanda Broker Website & Experience

Bitpanda was founded in 2014 has managed to become one of the most popular crypto services in Europe with over 3 million customers in just a few years due to its high usability.

Overview - Functions & Features


  • Europe's most popular, fastest and easiest trading platform for buying, selling and trading cryptocurrencies, stocks & precious metals
  • Company from highly regulated country Austria
  • Over 3 million users in Europe
  • Low fees (1.49% fee when buying and 1.49% when selling Bitcoin)
  • Deposits and withdrawals possible in EUR, CHF, GBP and USD
  • Personal contact list
  • Simple account setup
  • Free cryptocurrency shipping between Bitpanda users and any email address.
  • Intuitive, clear and simple user interface
  • Extensive helpdesk and good support
  • Available in English, French, German, Turkish, Spanish, Italian, Polish


  • Currently few trading pairs available on Bitpanda Pro for professional traders (but number is growing steadily)
  • May require proof of origin of funds for large disbursements

Test & Rating Bitpanda

Beginner & user friendliness

Bitpanda shows its full strength when it comes to user-friendliness.

Registration and onboarding is done quickly and easily, verification is also simple and takes little time.

The dashboard is tidy and provides a clear overview of current developments as well as the own portfolio.

Due to this simple and clear structure, the user interface of the website does not require any explanations and can be taken as a prime example of a successful user interface.

Bitpanda Dashboard

The respective wallets also clearly show the price development as well as accompanying information and the account balance.

Functions and actions are marked with green buttons and short function descriptions that also leave no questions unanswered.

Bitcoin Wallet

Partial evaluation: User-friendliness

There is hardly any investment platform that is easier to use than Bitpanda. All steps and menus are intuitive and easy to understand, and furthermore, they continue to be constantly optimized.


Available Assets

Bitpanda offers a wide range of cryptocurrencies, stocks and precious metals.


The following cryptocurrencies are available (excerpt, sorted by market capitalization):


Precious metals

Fiat currencies

Partial evaluation: Tradable assets

Bitpanda offers a wide range of cryptocurrencies, stocks and precious metals, which is constantly being expanded. The platform also offers a very good selection of available fiat currencies, which should satisfy many customers, especially in Europe.


Payment options

You can choose from a variety of payment options - each of which comes with different transaction durations and payment fees. These include:

  • SEPA bank transfer (free of charge, 2-3 business days waiting time)
  • Instant bank transfer (1.99% fee, no waiting time)
  • Kreditkarten der Kreditkartenanbieter Visa & Mastercard (1,50% Gebühr, keine Wartezeit)
  • EPS online transfer (0,25 EUR + 2% [max 2,00 EUR], no waiting time)
  • Giropay (0,25 EUR + 2% [max 2,00 EUR], no waiting period)
  • Neteller (0,90 EUR + 3,6%, no waiting period)
  • Skrill (1,00 EUR + 3,6%, no waiting period)
  • iDeal (0,30 EUR, no waiting time)

You will receive an e-mail for all payment methods for all transactions on Bitpanda for confirmation, control and approval of the transaction. No deposit fees or withdrawal fees are charged for SEPA transfers.

Bank transfer

Bitpanda also supports real-time transfers as a deposit method - if your bank supports this service, your deposits and withdrawals will be made within a few seconds for free. The real-time transfer thus combines the advantage of the speed of a credit card payment with the freedom from costs of a bank transfer. The use of this payment method is therefore highly recommended.

Payment methods (instant bank transfer, SEPA, credit card)

Deposit limits and withdrawal limits

The following limits apply to deposits and withdrawals:

Online payments

  • Daily limit (24h) - deposit 10.000 EUR / withdrawal 100.000 EUR
  • Monthly limit - deposit 300.000 EUR / withdrawal 2 Mio EUR
  • Total limit - deposit EUR 10 million / withdrawal EUR 10 million

Credit card

  • Daily limit (24h) - deposit 2.500 EUR / withdrawal (-)
  • Monthly limit - deposit 300.000 EUR / withdrawal (-)
  • Total limit - deposit EUR 5 million / withdrawal (-)

Bank transfer (SEPA)

  • Daily limit (24h) - deposit 500.000 EUR / withdrawal 5 Mio EUR
  • Monthly limit - deposit 5 MioEUR / withdrawal 5 Mio EUR
  • Total limit - deposit EUR 100 million / withdrawal EUR 999,999,999

For your information: The minimum amount for a trade is 1 EUR - the trading limit on Bitpanda is unlimited. As withdrawal methods Bitpanda uses SEPA transfers.

Partial evaluation: payment options

Bitpanda offers the right payment option for every preference - depending on whether you prefer low fees (which go as far as a free SEPA transfer) or a fast transaction time, you will be provided with a suitable provider. Only the lack of PayPal leads to a reduced rating.



Cold Storage

All assets in your Bitpanda account are stored in so-called Cold Wallets, which are not connected to the Internet and should not allow unauthorized access through hacking attacks.

However, maximum security can only be provided by your own hardware wallets to ensure that you can access your assets at any time.

To ensure maximum security for your cryptoassets, you should only use completely unused wallets. For this reason, you should only buy wallets directly from the manufacturer, as this is the only way to ensure that no one else has used the wallet before you.

SSL Encryption & DDOS

To protect the platform and your communication with our servers, Bitpanda uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption and DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection.

Session management

Before you can log in to your account, your device or browser must first be confirmed via your registered email address. Transactions are triple secured by password, email confirmation and PIN to your mobile number.

2-factor authentication (2FA) for account security

To protect your Bitpanda account as best as possible against unauthorized access by third parties, there is an optional option to protect your account using 2-factor authentication.

To activate 2-factor authentication, click on Security in the Panda menu and then on Set up under Two-factor authentication. You also need a corresponding app on your smartphone, e.g. the free Google Authenticator.

2-factor authentication


By using Google reCaptcha, your account is additionally protected by security queries.

Partial evaluation: Safety

Every user should bring along a certain degree of personal responsibility to protect his account. On the provider side, Bitpanda offers all currently technically available options to protect the platform and the customers' accounts as best as possible.


Costs & Fees

Different fees apply depending on the product used.

The fees are not shown separately during the purchase, but are already included in the total price of the crypto purchase.

Bitpanda fees

  • Buy: 1.49% trading fee
  • Sell: 1,49% trading fee

Bitpanda Pro Fees

Bitpanda Pro is intended as a professional product for traders and is unsuitable for beginners and novices.

  • Buy: 0,15% trading fee
  • Sell: 0,10% trading fee

Partial evaluation: Costs & fees

Depending on the skills and experience in trading, Bitpanda offers the right product for low fees trading for each participant.


Service & Support

How do I contact Bitpanda in case of problems?

Bitpanda offers a comprehensive helpdesk for support requests. This is clearly arranged according to topics.

If you can't find the information you need there, you can create a support ticket to the support center by e-mail, which will then be processed by customer service.

Bitpanda does not offer telephone support.

Partial evaluation: Service & Support

Thanks to the many contact options, the large community on many platforms, and the detailed helpdesk documents, Bitpanda can offer very good customer service and fast remedies for many problems. Since many users would like to have a telephone contact, especially in emergencies, there is a clear need for improvement and a downgrade.


Bitpanda Features & Functions

Bitpanda Savings Plan

Bitpanda's automated savings plan is a good tool to benefit from the cost-average effect. You can freely configure your savings rate so that it buys an asset of your choice at regular intervals at a certain point in time. Thus, expensive and less expensive purchases of Bitcoin or Altcoins balance each other out better over a longer period of time.

The payment runs via credit card or SEPA direct debit.

It is possible to pause the savings plan at any time and resume it later, moreover, it is also possible to connect Bitpanda's crypto indices to it.

Bitpanda Crypto Index

Bitpanda offers seven crypto indices, each containing a portfolio of the 5, 10 or 25 best-performing cryptocurrencies or cryptocurrencies sorted by application groups. Every month, a so-called rebalancing takes place, in which all cryptocurrencies in your portfolio are evaluated according to the current status and adjusted to the current market situation.

This type of investment offers an investor a very simple and convenient way to diversify his portfolio.

Bitpanda Crypto Index

The following crypto indices are available on Bitpanda:

  • BCI Infrastructure Leaders
  • BCI DeFi Leaders
  • BCI Metaverse Leaders
  • BCI Smart Contract Leaders
  • BCI 5
  • BCI 10
  • BCI 25

Bitpanda Swap

Bitpanda Swap makes it easy and safe to swap assets from one to another. The process is made easy by simply specifying in the process from which asset you want to swap to which other.

Bitpanda Staking

It is also possible to stake coins on Bitpanda. Cryptocurrencies from proof-of-stake blockchains use existing coins to verify a transaction - you are rewarded by the respective network for making your assets available.

The following cryptocurrencies can be staked at Bitpanda:

  • Cardano
  • Tron
  • Tezos
  • Solana
  • Polkadot
  • Polygon
  • Cosmos
  • The Graph
  • Kusama
  • Near

Staking is kept very simple at Bitpanda. Click on the three dots in the transactions menu in your wallet. Here you can stake, unstake or deposit the corresponding cryptocurrency. The rewards for your staking coins are always automatically credited to your wallet on Wednesday. You will be informed about the amount of your rewards by e-mail.

Bitpanda Staking

Partial evaluation: Bitpanda features & functions

In addition to the classic trading options, Bitpanda also offers managed products with little effort such as the automated savings plan or the externally managed crypto indices for users who do not want to deal with their assets on a daily basis. Bitpanda also offers a simple solution for the quick exchange of cryptocurrencies with Swap (but beware - with a swap, taxation of the assets may be necessary).


Bitpanda Products

The range of products offered by Bitpanda is very comprehensive and is constantly being expanded with additional products. The following products are available at the moment:

Pantos (PAN) & Bitpanda Ecosystem Token (BEST)

The cryptocurrencies Pantos (PAN) and Bitpanda Ecosystem Token (BEST) are issued exclusively by Bitpanda and can also only be bought and sold on the platform.

Pantos (PAN)

Bitpanda's Pantos token (PAN) is being developed together with the Vienna University of Technology and aims to become the first multi-token blockchain system. In doing so, existing and future tokens can be used on multiple blockchains and also transferred between them. For more information, visit the project's website at

Bitpanda Ecosystem Token (BEST)

BEST is Bitpanda's native token and is directly connected to Bitpanda's bonus program. The biggest advantage of BEST is the possibility to pay your trading fees with the token - by paying in BEST your transaction fee will be reduced by -25%.

The more BEST you have, the higher your BEST VIP level, which comes with other benefits such as rewards when buying or staking cryptocurrencies.

You can find all information about BEST on the website

Bitpanda Card - the Bitpanda Visa card

Bitpanda Card VISA

With the Bitpanda credit card (issued in cooperation with VISA), you can spend your cryptocurrencies, precious metals, and stocks in your daily life just like a regular credit card payment.

So not only can you make cashless payments with crypto at 54 million merchants in over 200 countries, but you also receive cashback of between 0.5% and 2% per transaction, depending on your BEST VIP level, and you can withdraw from ATMs for free.

Bitpanda Business / Plus / OTC - trading with high amounts

The Bitpanda Business / Plus / OTC (Over the counter) program was created for individuals and institutions who want to trade particularly high amounts on Bitpanda. Bitpanda offers higher limits, exclusive support & service as well as discounts for these high-volume traders.

Bitpanda Pro - Trade Coins on Bitpanda Exchange

Bitpanda Pro Exchange - Image of the Pro environment

Bitpanda Pro is the crypto exchange of Bitpanda and only suitable for advanced traders. You don't need to open a separate account for it, by creating a normal Bitpanda account you will also have access to the Bitpanda Pro Exchange (with the same account details).

Trading cryptocurrencies comes with lower fees than on Bitpanda's normal broker platform (see Bitpanda Costs & Fees above).

Bitpanda Pro is explicitly aimed at professional traders and should be used by beginners and novices only after prior information about the platform.

Bitpanda Academy - Cryptocurrency trading guide

Bitpanda Academy - Cryptocurrency Trading Advisor

Bitpanda Academy is Bitpanda's training and education platform. On this eLearning platform, beginners and people interested in crypto receive all the information that is important for buying, selling and trading cryptocurrencies.

There are 25 lessons each for beginners, advanced and experts. If you successfully complete the quiz, Bitpanda will reward you with a 5 EUR credit in the cryptocurrency BEST.

Bitpanda Pay

Bitpanda Pay is Bitpanda's payment service that allows you to make payments from your Bitpanda account directly to an IBAN account. It represents another step towards creating a real-world use case for cryptocurrency bill payments in everyday life.

This makes the Bitpanda app a useful tool in everyday life and perfectly rounds off the overall package around the Bitpanda broker.

Bitpanda App

Bitpanda also has a smartphone app for Apple iOS and Google Android that allows you to buy, trade and sell cryptocurrencies, stocks and precious metals on the go. The following functions are integrated in the app:

  • Dashboard with portfolio overview of your assets, investments & finances (incl. the amount of your available balance)
  • Portfolio with crypto wallets, stocks and your fiat wallet
  • Trade Tab for buying, selling and swapping your assets, as well as for deposits, withdrawals, shipments and creating savings plans and staking
  • Prices tab for a live view of all prices as well as the percentage change of the respective asset within the last 24 hours
  • Profile tab for your account settings, your Bitpanda credit card, BEST, Staking savings plans, contacts as well as security settings.
Bitpanda App

Bitpanda App Experience

The Bitpanda app is a great mobile companion and allows you to trade your cryptocurrencies, stocks and precious metals on the go. It is also possible to set price alerts in the app - you will then be notified via push message when your set price target is reached. Withdrawals and deposits can also be done easily via the app.

This makes the Bitpanda app a useful tool in everyday life and perfectly rounds off the overall package around the Bitpanda broker.

Note: The Bitpanda App is only linked to the Bitpanda Broker. Bitpanda Pro is still only available as a desktop version.

Partial evaluation: Bitpanda products

The product variety at Bitpanda is huge and is constantly being expanded and updated. There is hardly a crypto trend that cannot be found at this broker. The presented products are designed to make it as easy as possible for the user to use them.


Test result & conclusion

Author: Mag. Tibor Gludovatz
Last Update: 03.02.2022
Rating: 4.6/5

Bitpanda has rightly become one of the most popular platforms for buying and selling cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The new user interface 2.0 makes buying Bitcoin, Ripple or Ethereum as clear and simple as it should be and always offers a clear view of one's portfolio and the current price of the respective cryptocurrencies.

The integration of the numerous online wallets for the available coins is very well done and the secure transfer to a hardware wallet like the Ledger Nano S is also quick and easy.

An uncomplicated integration of other tools such as Cointracking to create an automated tax return for Bitcoin is also possible without any problems.

The ongoing development of the platform, the broad support for very many cryptocurrencies, as well as the low fees make Bitpanda one of the best, if not the best cryptocurrency service currently available.

Overall rating: Bitpanda


FAQs - Frequently asked questions

Is Bitpanda reputable?

Bitpanda has been in existence since 2014 and has built a large user base. Bitpanda is PSD2 payment service provider and AML5 compliant and is considered one of the most reliable and reputable brokers in the industry. Furthermore, Bitpanda is regulated by the Financial Market Authority (FMA) in Austria.

How do I buy Bitcoin on Bitpanda?

For a complete guide to buying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, check out our comprehensive step-by-step guide. Here we guide you from the creation of an account to the completed purchase of Bitcoin.

Who is Bitpanda suitable for?

Bitpanda is suitable for beginners and advanced users alike due to its simple and intuitive user interface.

Experienced traders will find Bitpanda Pro a professional trading platform that is not very suitable for beginners.

How do I contact Bitpanda in case of problems?

Bitpanda does not offer telephone support, but it does have a helpdesk, where you can create a support ticket in addition to a lot of information and suggestions for solving problems. In any case, the Bitpanda support team tries to solve all problems as quickly as possible.

What is Bitpanda's rating on the review platform Trustpilot?

Bitpanda has received a rating of 4.1 out of 5.0 stars based on over 7700 reviews on Trustpilot. (as of 11/12/2022)

Where is Bitpanda based?

Founded by:
Eric Demuth, Paul Klanschek & Christian Trummer
Year & place of foundation:
2014 in Vienna
Company headquarters:
Stella-Klein-Löw Weg 17 | 1020 Vienna | Austria
Company registration number:
FN 423018 k
Supervisory Authority:
Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA)
VAT number:
PSD2 payment service provider license

Created: 12.01.2018
Published: 12.01.2018
Last Update: 03.02.2022
Publisher: Bitcoin Kaufen - Online
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